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Offer Your Clients
Snapchat Geofilters
for Special Events


Don’t know much about Snapchat? Snapchat is the hottest new instant messaging app for sharing photos among millennials ages 16 to 34.  One of the features for snapping a photo is the ability to add Geofilters to your images. These location filters allow the users to photo tag their images letting viewers instantly know where the photo was taken. This is a plus since photos can only be viewed for up to 10 seconds before they are deleted.  We’re now offering customized Geofilters that you can offer your clients for their events.

Geofilter Features:

  • Fully customizable themes with your event information.

  • Location & time specific – Geofilters can only be added to images in a predetermined area for a specific date and time.

  • Geofilters will work on any wifi enabled smart devise with Snapchat installed.  

  • Geofilters are easy to use and share with friends.

  • A fun way to enhance event photos

  • Can have multiple filters available with different themes an messaging

What’s included in
a Geofilter Campaign?
  • (1) Uniquely Designed Geofilter Template

  • Setup & implementation of a Geofilter campaign

  • Geofilter OnDemand campaign fees*


* Campaign limited to a single area location equal to or less than 100,000 square feet and a duration period of 12 hours or less. Additional filters can be purchased for the same location but would require a separate campaign fee.


Want to learn more about Snapchat filters and how you can use them to promote your event. Fill out the form below and I will contact to discuss options and the best practices for a unique chat campaign.

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