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Dump Gmail and Build Better Brand Awareness for your Website

People buy from companies they trust. I always tell my customers that real businesses have real email addresses. Business owners that understand this don’t communicate with their customers through Gmail… Why? Because business that care about their brand, build trust with their customers by using domain specific email addresses and not Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or similar free email solution providers.

Glance through your Junkmail folder and take note of all the phishing and scam attempts that use Gmail emails to try and scam people. Customers are immediately suspicious of businesses that won’t take the extra steps to setup a company email for their business. Having an email that’s might seem like a great way to save money and have a free company email. But scammers have figured this out too.

Often it’s the expense if a G-Suite solution… $6 to $12 per month for an inbox that steers people to free solutions... But, what if I could offer you a domain specific solution for only $1/month. Who can’t afford that?

The setup is a one-click solution that can have you up and running in minutes. If you have questions or problems, you can get setup assistance in minutes… Every try to do that with Google? Good Luck.

Already have a Gmail or G-Suite account and don’t want to loose all our emails switching to a better solution? You can simply migrate your emails into your new account when setting up the account and leave Google behind.


Gmail features you like, Calendars, notes, task manager are also available in your new account along with better apps and expandable solutions you’ll truly love.


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