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Website Design


The Eyes Have It! There seems to be a big push to drive traffic to websites. But, often this is done without consideration of site content. Irrelevant or outdated content, bad site design, and missing or broken links all affect the user experience. It’s not just following Google standards. It takes a complete understanding of site design and content creation to build a solid platform to boost website rankings.  


Currently I build a lot of websites on the Wix platform. Why? It is easier to build and less expensive than hard coded HTML. And, it is more user friendly for those clients that want to self manage content. 


Lost control of your website? Need HELP finding your domain? Google Blacklisted you? 


Own your online presence... We can help.

We Manage WebsiteS


That Firefly Guy can also help you with designing, or editing websites in other software applications. We have coders that work in PHP, ASP, Coldfusion, Wordpress, Joomula, Drupal and many others applications. Below are sites we have built and manage that are in various site development programs. Not Sure? Let us help update your site. 

Firefly Marketing
Firefly Marketing
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