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Website Recovery


HELLLP! Have you lost control of your website because the designer you hired took your money and disappeared? Has Google Blacklisted your website because it violates searching standards? Are you not showing up in Google searches because you haven't submitted and verified your business. Reach out to That Firefly Guy to help gain control of your online presence.  


Here is a list of things we can help with:


For Websites:

  • Recover expired or deleted websites

  • Secure websites held by other services providers

  • Update old websites that you don't have access to

  • Add SSL Certificates to old websites

  • Fix Service Denial or Google Chrome Warnings

  • Create mobile websites for older sites without rebuilding your site

  • 404 Errors and broken links fixed

For Domains:

  • Recover expired or deleted Domains

  • Recover Domains held by other service providers

  • Fix Blacklisted Domains

  • Help find new domains for your business

  • Setup emails tied to your domain

For Social Media:

  • Recover social media accounts where you have been locked out

  • Claim business listings and verify accounts

  • Updates to Google Business Listings 

  • Setup blog sites for your business

Your online presence is very important to your business. If you've lost the ability to manage your online assets, let That Firefly Guy put you back in control. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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